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Man, you don't understand, I can do this manually, but it will take forever. If I click on each link and get the html code for the link, rapidshare, megaupload, it will work without problems. But see the picture, I'm going to download a whole movie with 200 parts of 200mb's. The big advantage of jdownloader with multiupload links, is that I can just select and copy all 200 links, than the decrypter will give all the links from all filehosters and I can choose which one to download. If the decrypter is out of date, I have to go manually click on each of the 200 links at a time and this is a big pain in the ass. I would like to have this decrypyter out of date issue solved, not having to do what you just asked me.
I hope you can understand that, I use Jdownloader because of this great multiupload feature. If I could go straight to all megaupload links, the one I have premium account, that would be great, but this forum I download movies always uses multiupload links and without decrypter working, I have to click on each link at a time to get the megaupload link out of them and imagine clicking on each link of 200 links, that's a pain in the ass.
If I copy the whole HTML code it works with Jdownloader, but than I would have to do this for every single link of 200 links or even more.

Maybe I'm mistaken, But I understood that you asked me to do this process manually, if I'm wrong please correct me.