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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
We are quite sure this has been fixed, month or so ago.
Hm, raztoki, this is an old thread, I didn't encounter since then a 7z link, and I forgot this already - the original link
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lives, and there's no difference in extract time, more then 20 sec, in the same way as it was. No change.

Did You test the link ?


Oh, I see :

" Updated by jiaz 7 days ago

Status changed from New to Feedback

still slow? could be same bug (downloadwatchdog loop eating 100% cpu) that I've fixed recently"

Sorry, I can't follow automatically a bug .

"Updated by jiaz about 3 hours ago

Status changed from Feedback to Closed
Resolution set to Can't reproduce"


I do not see how this is [Solved]

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