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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Sure, of course it can be a bug that isn't known yet. I don't insistence this not being a bug!
to understand this problem more..

what file contains the custom packagizer rules that jd loads from?
does jd keep that file open while jd is running?

and what happens if there is a force shutdown, unexpected power failure
or whatever reason..that can corrupt that file
then jd will create a new file with the default packagizer rules?

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
JDownloader always restores those default rules in case they are not there

You can already create backups manually or automatically via Eventscripter (see **External links are only visible to Support Staff**... and ask Mgpai for help)
Eventscripter is an extra program that needs to be installed and run everytime I start my pc?
so that would be another app that using extra pc resources?

if the autobackup of the settings was built in, we would not need to know the script or run extra program..

Can't you make it so that when jd starts up or running, it automatically makes a backup of the file that contains our packagizer or rule,
then we can choose restore/import from autobackup if something like this bug occurs.

is that possible to implement as a new feature?


BTW why are you marking this as solved?
this bug has not been solved as seen from my previous post that it has occurred again.

this should be marked as a bug and kept opened/unsolved
until the bug that is wiping the custom rules is found and solved

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