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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
event scripter is not another program, just extension module within JDownloader. when enabled it will run scripts (javascript) based on trigger event. Yes it will use more memory though not significant compared to a standalone program.

I've personally never had the rules clear or any other configs in JD2 though many do. I force stop (eclipse) all the time also. Not a proper program shutdown.

what about my other suggestion of jd just automatically making a backup of the file that contains the custom rules whenever jd is running.

this would mean we would not need to run the extra extension event scripter and know the correct script etc. and also would not require an another extension to be run permanently (which increases the memory footprint of jd) when all the backup needs to do is run once when the program starts etc..
and it would be implemented for all users not just people that run the event scripter..

also this problem should not be marked solved..
since it has occurred twice already for me
and the bug is still not known why or has been solved

it should be marked as a bug and kept open/unsolved until it actually gets solved
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