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Originally Posted by Beauty View Post
I'm afraid of the day when JD 1 is killed.
(To keep it alive without updates is a better option than to lock it.)

Why I'm afraid?
As I read long time ago, there are problems when I update to a newer JD (and/or) Java version.
The reason was that all links (and/or) packages in the download list will not work anymore.
I don't clean up the list for years, so I already have 4000 packages and use JD like a data base, too.
I'm afraid that all packages are gone after an update.
And more afraid that maybe all downloaded files are deleted automatically.
LOL, why would you use JDownloader for that? Can't you locate your downloads easily with the default Windows Explorer? Or are you running linux? In either case you can have an organized hierarchy of folders to organize your downloads instead of using JDownloader Packages to index them.

By The Way lelim, that Android App seems a good alternative to the PC version, but now where can we see the credits reward chart? On the website it says that you can get between 5-9 but how it works? The amount is not dependant of the current time like before?
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