Thread: [User feedback required] JD2 doesn't check account after restart.
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Default JD2 doesn't check account after restart.

I'm currently away from home for an extended period of time, so in order to keep caught up with stuff I am using the laptop (SP SP3).

What sucks is that the Intel PROSet wireless package tends to lose connection. At that point, the plugin will get flagged as being bad.

My only cure for the Wi-Fi connection is to reboot the computer, as the Intel program will not reconnect.

Now, here comes the issue. Upon restarting JD2, it happily wants to restart the downloads, which will all ultimate fail.

It would be really nice that upon restart of JD2 that it rechecks and resets all plugins. Clicking on reset manually does nothing. I have to delete the plugin and then re-add it. Not an ideal situation.

JD2 should be able to do this for me.

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