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Default Exhentai account limit you to 5000 Image points instead of what you actually have

I've open a new thread for the issue as you said @pspzockerscene

About the issue again:
It's a reoccuring issue that was fixed here few times already (I've reported about it here around year ago iirc and it took some attempts to fix)

Basically, the site have some sort of limitation where it let free users download up to 5000 "Image points" that regenerates each 3 mins,

You can upgrade that limitation as a registered user and in my case it 10000, yet from JD it seem to think I have 5000 again and stop the downloads after it think the limit has been "reached"

@pspzockerscene You said in the other thread that you need my user info, but back then you managed to fix it without it after some attmepts, and it was fixed in the past more than once too so I assume you may know of a way to do it if you could look on these old thread perhaps?
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