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Hm okay but we'll probably be wasting time instead of making progress:
1. Use a fresh browser/browser profile and login into ehentai.
Now directly go to: and check your limit.
Mine is 5000.
(Memorize that limit)
2. If your limit was wrong the first time, open and then check if the limit has changed.
That was it the last time and no matter which result you get that probably won't help me to fix it without your account
Alright, I've did it and it seem that under the first log-in from a different browser that I never used before, my limit was 5000, and upon going to the Hath Perks and back to My Home pages, the limit was changed to what I really have (10000),

I think I've seen that issue before long ago and saw that my actual limit didn't went back to that of a new user's, so it seems like they don't refresh it for first log in till you look on the page that add that feature in the first place??

another user has reported the same issue HERE.
I've basically given him the same answer:
I need the account to work on this as I'am unable to reproduce it here.
Sure you could also donate a test-account for us for this case but it would be a waste of money if you ask me.
If you go through older forum threads you will see that we will only use your logins to work on plugins - you can change your passwords again once we're done.
I will consider it, but for now let me know if whatever I have you helped in anyway to give you an idea about the issue.
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