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Originally Posted by remi View Post
I see (but I'm a simple customer) that you've "ERROR_TIMEOUT_REACHED" and "FILESIZECHECK errors in your log. They are related to connection problems. Are you running a BitTorrent client?

You might also be using too many chunks. Please reduce Max.Con. to 1 or 2. Also limit your number of simultaneous downloads (Max.Dls.).
No BT.
And my other settings have not changed for months.
Max Con is 1
Max Dls is 4.

You can't use more than 1 chunk with RS as a free user anyway.

"FILESIZECHECK" I think must come up after the download has stopped and JD finds that it isn't actually complete.

If it was a "connection problem" from some other application, it is a pretty amazing coincidence that it happens when JD is at the same 99.99% of its download several times.

So I'm pretty sure it's a problem between RS and JD, JD is somehow getting the idea that the download has finished when it hasn't really. Perhaps the last segment of the file has an error and JD is unable to get it resent because it's already broken off.

Most RS downloads work but these "99.99%" aborts are really infuriating, wasting the maximum amount of time and bandwidth for nothing.