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Default Automatic reset for unfinished nonresumable downloads

Sometimes a download terminates before it has finished. The reason may be that the host has decided that the download limit has been reached, or it may be the result of an internet connection failure, or whatever. In such a case JDownloader will usually throw in some waiting time, and after that has ended it will try to resume the download where it left off. This is all very fine if the download is resumable, but it's not if it's not resumable. Resuming a partly downloaded nonresumable download will invariably result in a download error. If the downloader fails to reset such a download before JDownloader tries to resume it, the result will always be a download error. At the moment I haven't found anything in JDownloader's settings that would automatically prevent this error from happening.

So my request is: is it possible to make JDownloader automatically reset all prematurely terminated nonresumable downloads that have not resulted in a complete download? After all, such partial downloads have become utterly useless and by not being deleted before retrying the download have become a hindrance for the download to finish properly. By having JDownloader automatically reset such nonresumable partial downloads at the moment the download has been interrupted before it has completed, the next time the download is started it will have a real chance of finishing properly.

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