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Default K2S Plugin - cannot check account


I have a K2S premium account which has worked fine with the plugin ever since I started using it months ago, but tonight when I logged into JD2 it refreshed the accounts I have all except for K2S; it kept saying verification failed, cannot check account and put a 10 minute suspension on the account. I tried refreshing several times, deleted the plug-in, re-added it, closed JD2, restarted computer, tried checking I had up to date version, all of that, but made no difference.

Here is the log generated in the time period.

10.08.17 22.28.52 <--> 10.08.17 22.59.25 jdlog://7081314015941/

Any ideas?

I did try looking if anybody has any current K2S issues, but could only see an old "solved" thread that somebody has made a comment on today regarding the plugin use on free accounts which was not relevant to me.


Clive Sims
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