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Originally Posted by johno4566 View Post
i have heard due to legal reason s they are not able to chage the token thier software can use they could get in legal troble i ahve found some software that still works if any one still need to dwonlaod them
from the creator of the j downloader

i use jdownllaoder for all my downloading intill i used it for twitch now i had to find some thign else inthe mean time

4k downloader app which cost a few dollars or twitch leecher
Originally Posted by johno4566 View Post
twitch changed thigs on thier web site now you can not add twitch link in to this software buy if you buy 4k video downloader

or if your loking for a free solution twitch leecher

in the fure this software might be able to download twitch again but looks like for a while it wont
Twitch Leecher works extremely well. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep using JDL for other stuff.

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