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Default Drag and Drop of text files with links does not work

What would cause the Drag and Drop of text files with links to stop working?

I used to be able to drag/drop text files with links and JD2 would add them to the linkgrabber, however, now that is no longer possible.

What setting causes this to be enabled/disabled?

Update 1

I just copied the "Linkcrawler Rule" from another instance of JD2 of another system where the drag/drop works and pasted it into the one that no longer works and it is now working which means that I would not be able to use my own custom "Linkcrawler Rule" and also drag/drop text files with links. It is either one or the other.

Is there any workaround to have both?

Update 2

Ok, so I tested every line of the LinkCrawler rule to see which one was preventing the drag/drop of text files from working and it is only the "pattern" line which is a problem since I need to use my own "pattern".
With this pattern it works: "pattern" : "file:/.*?\\.txt$",...if I replace it with my own pattern than the drag/drop of text files with links will not work.

How can I use use my own pattern but continue to use the drag/drop of text files?

Update 3

Ok, never mind; I finally got it to work by adding the second pattern below mine by using the following between both functions:


I did have to change the logging state from false to true for the second function to allow my pattern to work. Therefore, now both my pattern/rule works along with the drag/drop function of text files

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