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It's not JD2. This is an issue with UR.

I think they've reduced speeds for everyone. Started about 2 weeks ago. There were major DDOS attacks on popular sites recently, and an advertiser supposedly left UR, hence the adfly addition through browser downloads. I'm assuming UR lost a lot of ad revenue and reduced speeds. All of us using JD don't help the issue either.

Initially, you could still get the 1mbps speeds, but you had to stop and restart the downloads a few times until you got a good connection. Now they seemed to have capped free user speeds around 300kbps and most of the time you still have to do the stop and restart trick to get it that fast. In the WJ UR support thread, premium members have complained about speeds the past 2 weeks, as well.

I think we can only hope that after they've gotten some $ they put the speeds back up again.

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