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A problem......I not very knowledgeable about this but here are the details.
Youtube is banned in my office network so i use this software called psiphon3. I think it creates a localhost proxy using ssh+ . I use Jdownloader 2's automatic proxy detection and it detects it with no problems(HTTP 8080). With this i was able to download youtube videos without any problems......... until an update released on sept 5 (that's when i installed it). After this update I wasn't able to JD2 to download youtube videos. To make sure i wasn't paranoid, I tested it at my home PC and same result! Worked properly before update and stopped working after the update.
attaching a screenshot with this post
P.S i went to help>create a log and i got this-
11.09.14 13.29.40to11.09.14 13.43.41 jdlog://4708513173041/

i read in one of the post that the youtube plug in was updated. Could that be the cause of this problem?
steps to replicate the problem: Download psiphon3, run it on ssh+, open JD2, go to proxy and click on automatic proxy detection. untick no proxy and tick the "HTTP 8080" proxy. And try downloading a video.

Edit: i went into advanced setting to poke around and saw 2 "youtube: proxy" options. One had "null" value and other had a check box.Tried downloading it with the box checked but nothing happened
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