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Default Linkcrawler Passing Cookies

I've worked on-and-off -- over two years -- and 70+ hours -- making different attempts to use LinkCrawler rules in jDownloader that pass cookies.

I've never been able to get them to work. I previously opened a thread on this topic. After going into great detail with the syntax and logging, the reply I received was: Cookies in Link Crawler rules are not very good and need to be worked on.

I assumed I would give it time, for these issues to be resolved. Every few months I would try again. To this day, I cannot write a LinkCrawler rule that passes cookies.

Here's a simple example, with sensitive data removed:

  "name"               : "SaNet-SoftArchive",
  "id"                 : 1649901977688,
  "enabled"            : true,
  "pattern"            : "**External links are only visible to Support Staff**,
  "maxDecryptDepth"    : 1,
  "rewriteReplaceWith" : null,
  "passwordPattern"    : null,
  "packageNamePattern" : "<title>(.*?)</title>",
  "rule"               : "DEEPDECRYPT",
  "logging"            : true,
  "formPattern"        : null,
  "deepPattern"        : "(rapidgator\\.net/file/|nitroflare\\.com/view/|nitro\\.download/view/|filefactory\\.com/file/)",
  "updateCookies"      : true,
  "cookies"            : [
As you can see, this is an extremely simple example.

This is for the website "SoftArchive" (sanet), the largest OCH-software indexer as rated by traffic.

I test the exact same settings manually and I am authenticated (links are shown). Through jDownloader, the cookies are not sent.

This is the same situation on every site I've tested. I've confirmed the crawlers are running in the log.
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