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@Jiaz --
Thank you for the reply. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier (for some reason I didn't receive the forum notification despite being subscribed -- will check spam folder).

I should clarify -- I did bring this to your attention much earlier. When I posted about, referring to "waiting", it was because my forum-posts ended in a dead-end. In that post, @raztoki mentioned there wasn't a solution and the cookie-implementation is not ideal.

I interpreted that to suggest that the cookie implementation would improve over time. In the meantime I continued testing different sites, writing my own demo page to test with it, etc.

Of course I've been using the logging; however, that has not helped. It does not state the reason the rule didn't work as you mention. When I started about two years ago, it was better in regard to the custom-LinkCrawler logging. The logging has changed since then and (I'm sure I could be wrong) from my impression, in the area of custom-LinkCrawlers, it has shown fewer details in the newer logging approach.

If you are interested in my original message that resulted in a dead-end, I would be very happy if you could take a look -- starting at the first post and reading chronologically:

I included the full logging in that message; that was prior to the new logging and it was a bit more helpful (for my unique case).

Thank you in advance for your time and insight

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