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Sorry - One more thing to add --

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Please know that the deepPattern specifies in what matching group JDownloader should be looking for links. In your case the matchig group will just be "", no protocol, no fileID, nothing
The DeepPattern I'm using is in the same format specified in the articles / posts I have been able to find on LinkCrawler Rules.

It's the exact format you mentioned "". There is no protocol, no fileID, nothing else -- just as you've written.

Here it is, one more time:
Because this is regex, I have to escape the dot "." -- however, in simpler terms, I'm just doing what you've said ( using "OR" logic, nothing more.

Although there is one mistake; unfortunately it was part of my entering a sample here in the forum -- not in the original rule. I have corrected my mistake and created a sample where you can see very clearly how simple this rule works:
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Thank you again for you all of your help!
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