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@MediaFanatic: Nothing to be sorry for. Yes, I'm aware of the old thread but I'm currently not aware of any problems with cookie support in linkcrawler rules.

Originally Posted by MediaFanatic View Post
The logging has changed since then and (I'm sure I could be wrong) from my impression, in the area of custom-LinkCrawlers, it has shown fewer details in the newer logging approach.
With logging enabled within the rule, the log will contain request/response from the corresponding requests. I'm not aware of any problems with the logging, maybe you can explain what you're missing?
I also take another look at , and I wonder about this rule because it conains fields that are not even supported/handled/used at all, like accountPattern/domainPattern, looks like it's a Linkcrawler Rule mixed with DomainRule because accountPattern/domainPattern are part of DomainRules and not Linkcrawler Rules. Also it is missing the essential pattern field, so JDownloader will not make use of that rule at all.

I guess the problem is because of wrong/mixed up rule in first place. pspzocker wrote good help articles on it, see
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