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@Jiaz, thank you!

Yes, exactly, @pspzocker's page you linked is one of two that I was using to learn/compose the rule. I also searched posts on this forum.

To your comment re:Invalid Fields --

If you examine my rule above, in the first post, do you see any fields that are invalid? If there is anything unrelated to LinkCrawler (I didn't see a domain or accountPattern; that may have been in my original post where I was still trying to test different ideas from the forum). Hopefully I'm not including any incorrect fields any longer.

You second post about the "deepPattern" is perfect.

I had no idea that it had to match the entire link; I thought it was a wildcard, where anything that matched would be automatically searched for the full HREF. I also didn't realize that it needed to be an explicit match-group (separate parenthesis to indicate capture group).

Based on your help, I simply wrote a RegEx rule that took everything between the specific HREF HTML tags that included downloads. This worked perfectly!

I was also able to play with the JSON and address another issue, to get my first cookie to finally pass properly, thanks to your suggestion re:deepPattern, which eliminated that issue. This allowed me to see the issues with cookies more clearly and resolve the issue; at least on my simple test website I created to diagnose the issue.

Now that I have a test scenario working, I'll return to my original problem with LinkedIn Learning, to see if I can create a method for jDownloader to download my videos.

Thank you again for your help

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