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Default All dialog windows appear on wrong monitor


I have a dual-monitor setup in Windows 10 Pro (Anniversary Update), where the "Multiple displays" option (in Display Settings) is set to "Extend these displays".

Display #1 is a Sony TV (connected via HDMI cable).
Display #2 is a Dell 3007WFP Monitor (connected via DVI cable). This is my "main display".
The display adapter is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.

In Display Settings, the two monitors are arranged as shown in the attached "DualMonitorSetup.jpg' image. This configuration reflects the physical arrangement of my displays, as the TV is mounted up on the wall to my left. It also makes it harder to "lose" the mouse on the other monitor, as the only way to get it there is via the upper-left corner of Display #2.


When I run JDownloader 2, its main window launches on Display #2, which is where I want it. I have never moved the main window to Display #1, or dragged any JDownloader 2 dialog there. However, every JDownloader 2 dialog appears on Display #1, always in the lower-right corner. This is rather frustrating and difficult to work with, as that display is only used occasionally (for watching video). Normally the TV is either off, or set to display input from the cable box rather than the computer.

If I move any dialog to Display #2 before clicking on it, the next time that dialog is shown, it is back on Display #1. I have tried this with many different dialogs, and without fail, they always appear on Display #1.

This issue seems similar to the one described here, but no resolution is mentioned:


I have noticed that if I move Display #1 down (in Display Settings) so that the bottoms of the two displays are aligned vertically (see the attached "Testing.jpg" image), and click the "Apply" button, JDownloader 2 then shows dialogs on the same monitor as the main window. Additionally, if I simply unplug Display #1's HDMI cable from the computer, this resolves the issue as well. However, since I would like to keep my original arrangement (for the reasons described above), I don't consider these valid workarounds.

Note: If I move Display #1 so that the tops of the two displays are aligned instead of the bottoms, this does not resolve the issue, i.e. all dialogs still appear on Display #1 instead of Display #2.

Can this issue be fixed in a future release of JDownloader 2?

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


With a dual-monitor setup in Windows 10 Pro, unless the monitors are arranged (in Display Settings) so that their bottoms are aligned, JDownloader 2 does not display dialogs on the same monitor on which the main window is running.
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