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Default Create Custom Link With Names List


I want to know if I can writte a file for jdownloader like .dlc with this parameters for each link:

A) file name to save
B) download path

In the jdownloader if I put the links, I change the name and I give to create dlc then when importing the dlc, each link has the name that I have put it and not the original one of the file.

Esta solución sería valida, pero no me vale, porque lo que quiero es hacer dinamicamente un .dlc o algo similar que pueda importar con más de mil enlaces, que el nombre que debe de tener cada fichero esta en la dirección, pero no es el nombre de por si del fichero.

This solution would be valid, but it does not work for me, because I want to make it dynamically into .dlc or something similar that can import. because i want to import more than a thousand links, and the name that each file must have is in the address link, but it is not the Name of the file.

To explain better, I'll put the following example:

Let's imagine that the download path of three files are:
www . example . com / asd / typeA / original.asd
www . example . com / asd / typeB / original.asd
www . example . com / asd / typeC / original.asd

If I copy and paste those links in the jdownloader, by default all are called original.asd and I want to specify that the path is that but the name of each file is typeA, typeB and typeC.

I want to do a simple code with Java or C++ to make the thousand links urls with their names in a .dlc or some file to import it in jdownloader
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