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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
What happens? Is your IP blocked? Not working in browser either?
Or does the plugin throw any error?
Can you please create a logfile, see **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...
JDownloader has plugin support, so best would be to add proper error handling for your case
Well I am still far away from testing it... I got multiple problems writing my script

I want my script to get the just finished download so I ll set to activate after every finished download. Then It should get the host from whom it got the file. After it should check if it is the right host. At last it ll count every file it got from that host till the count reach 200 then i should put the host to sleep for 3600000 milisec (1 hour).

var numfinished, finishedhost;
finishedhost = myDownloadLink.getHost(); /*does this get the link i just finished downloading?*/
if (finishedhost==/*I am not sure how the host is saved and can I use "||" for or operator in Java?*/) {
    if (numfinished > 200) {
        sleep(3600000); /*I think this will sleep all my downloads... How do i sleep all the download for a single host*/
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