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Default LinkGrabber stripping URL components?

I'm heavily using userScripts in my browser to handle titles for all kinds of downloads, and at some point, I wanted to integrate that into JDownloader and wrote a script for that.
Originally, I wrote it for single URLs that I would copy from my browser's address bar:
My userScripts would get the appropriate title for the download and, depending on how the website was set up, append it to the URL, usually either as a query string ("?title=Good%20Title"), or hash ("#Good%20Title").
When I copied the URL, the JDownloader would grab the URL, and if I wanted, I could run the script from the context menu after right clicking the desired link in the list.
The script would look at the link (myCrawledLink.getUrl()), extract the title and rename the file and the package accordingly.

Today, I wanted to expand on this, but I noticed that now, after some update, the URLs are being stripped from their titles.
What used to be "һttps://aparatꓸcam/35sfec251822/Fargo.S04E03.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES.mkv.mp4.html#Fargo%20Season%204%20Episode%203%20-%20Raddoppiarlo"
=Superfluous, I guess, added by the site to make it more readable/for SEO
=Superfluous, added by me to assign the title I acquired before
is now "һttps://aparatꓸcam/35sfec251822"
The components that aren't strictly necessary to identify the link are gone.

For URLs that I copied directly (from the Address Bar, for example), the original URL is still visible in myCrawledLink.getContentURL(), but no such luck for cases where the "extra info" was in the href property of <a> elements that were selected in the site text flow.

Is there a way to change that?

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