Thread: [User feedback required] LinkGrabber stripping URL components?
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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
our plugins look for specific content of urls which is usually the least amount of the url required to make it work. [...]

the easiest way to make this work would be to make a package customiser rule [...]
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@raztoki: Thanks for the explanation and I would also suggest packagizer rule and comment field.

[...] How exactly do you add those URLs? [...]
Thank you both for your useful feedback!
I've never used custom packagizer rules before. On one hand, I think it'd be easier to have my userScripts just hand me a text-only list of the modified URLs that I'll give the LinkGrabber's parser directly, such that I can simply refer to the content URL, which seems to be set to the full original URL in cases where no context URL was found.
But on the other hand, I want to get to know the packagizer stuff, so I'll look into that.
So the packagizer gets the links before they're handled by the individual plugins?

@Jiaz: I use GreaseMonkey for a lot of things. There's one site, for example, who lists the useful titles for things like episodes, for their site internal links. But the links to the actual contents are links to external sites.
So I get the titles from the first listing and track them through site navigation, using URL components, until I get to the external links. I add the titles to these links (depending on the host, I'll usually choose a hash or a query string). Usually, a different userscript for the target site then sets the document title, so that I can download already correctly titled videos with a video downloader extension.

Or, for other sites that don't have the actual titles but have the contents load dynamically in a page, I implemented a textarea in which I can dump a pre-formatted (JSON) list of all the episode numbers and titles that I can generate using another userScript on IMDB, which will change the document title upon episode change.

I just started using JDownloader for some cases where the titles can be appended to several links at the same time, thinking I could just copy them from the modified document. Turns out to be not quite as simple
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