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Originally Posted by confused View Post
On 192kbit audio.

When I choose the 192kbit audio option, the downloaded audio files are labelled as 192kbit audio. But when I check them with iMediaHub or any software that display bitrate, it is always 128kbit audio.

You can try downloading any trending YouTube video and choose 192kbit audio. The audio file will always end up as 128kbit audio.

Didn't have this problem a few days ago when YouTube started blocking VEVO stuff.
Youtube uses only 128 kbit. Only non-dash has higher variants.

Originally Posted by coalado View Post
By Default JD prefers Mp4 Videos.
Which is still odd and wrong. The label "best quality" should be renamed to "best mainstream/HW Player compatible" or sth like that.

Best quality is a liar. MP4 is actually A LOT worse quality than VP9.

Another thing:

Opus Audio (ID 251) was changed from 160 kbit to 128 kbit since a lot of month ago. You should update the label to 128.

Originally Posted by Bugs Bunnay
After downloading the 2160p 60fps mp4 video I only get the 30fps version. I can get the 2160p 60fps webm file just fine, but is the 2160p 60fps mp4 file bugged? I would prefer getting the mp4 file in 2160p 60 fps.
Youtube offers HFR videos for 1440 and 4k only as VP9.

H.264 is available all the way up to 4k and even 8k if it is 30fps.

If it is 41fps or higher H.264 is only available up to 1080p.
1440p and 4k are only offered as VP9 then and 1440p and 4k stay 30fps for h.264.

VP9 looks by far better anyway.

This is only compared 1080 h.264 vs vp9.

Let alone 1440p and 4k as VP9. It looks decades better than h.264.

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