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Originally Posted by De-M-oN View Post
Youtube uses only 128 kbit. Only non-dash has higher variants.
How do you know? Itag 22 for v=tx6NoKu4cI0 has a 192kbits

Originally Posted by De-M-oN View Post
Best quality is a liar. MP4 is actually A LOT worse quality than VP9.
We consider more than the pure quality. e.g. compatibility. "best mainstream/HW Player compatible" would be a better name, but we have to keep JD simple and accessable. Mywomanwould not know what "best mainstream/HW Player compatible" means.
For all "Pros". there are advanced settings like Youtube.qualitysortidentifierordervideocodec:

[ "H264", "VP9_BETTER_PROFILE_1", "VP9_BETTER_PROFILE_2", "VP9", "VP9_WORSE_PROFILE_1", "H263", "VP8" ] --> ["VP9_BETTER_PROFILE_1", "VP9_BETTER_PROFILE_2", "VP9", "VP9_WORSE_PROFILE_1", "VP8", "H264", "H263" ]

Same for Youtube.qualitysortidentifierorderaudiocodec

Originally Posted by De-M-oN View Post
Opus Audio (ID 251) was changed from 160 kbit to 128 kbit since a lot of month ago. You should update the label to 128.
Thx. Seems like you have insight. Why do you know things like this?
Originally Posted by De-M-oN View Post
Youtube offers HFR videos for 1440 and 4k only as VP9.
VP9 looks by far better anyway.
if there is no >1080p mp4 60fps, JD should not offer it. I did a test, and this seems to work. JD only offers webm60fps for high resolutions

I agree that vp9 looks better, but I still think it is better to keep mp4/h264 as default. People who know vp9 with all pros and cons (like you), can change the default order. Others get the h264 stream and profit from the better compatibility.

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