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Heres a Zyxel telnet scripter a very useful external reconnect method for zyxel routers the reconnection takes only 7-13 seconds > and works with almost all zyxel series

Click here to Download

Users guide:

Download it and extract it to a user defined directory

once the file is extracted > open the BAT file with a text editor and replace 1234 in the command line with your own router password

this is what the command line in the bat looks like
ztnbatch.exe -h -p 1234 -c "poe drop poe0" silent -EXIT
save the file and add the BAT file to JDownloader as a external file

Backup line If the command line in the bat does not work you can also try this one
ztnbatch.exe -h -p 1234 -c "poe drop poe0" -c "dev dial 1" -silent -EXIT
Attention : telnet has to be enabled on your system for this to work

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