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Default Moving from Firefox to Chrome as browser-assisted recaptcha

Dear Users,
first of all sorry for possible duplicating of the subject.
As most of us already know, for a couple months, Google recaptcha has modified its internal machinery so that is impossible to use Mozilla Firefox as a browser to solve recaptcha through the well known temporary opening of browser (for some to me unknown reasons, the browser takes too much time to solve and Recaptcha miserably fails).
On the other hand whenever I simply copy and paste the download address to Google Chrome, things are almost invariantly straightforward and successuful.
Therefore, I would like to move JD, browser assisted recaptcha from Firefox to Chrome and thus I have disabled MyJDownloader add-on on Firefox and donwloaded and enabled it on Chrome.
But something in JD prevents me to move to Chrome (JD always knocks at the Firefox's door), I suppose that JD automatically chooses the default browser. Since I am fine with Firefox as regards web surfing and don't want to move to Chrome as a default browser, could you please show me the procedure to set the latter as a Recaptcha solver for JD only?
Thanks in advance for possible answers
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