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removed your duped post.

This is far from mishandling, think you're over reacting in the scheme of things. This issue was identified by myself and numerous reports (here on our forum and support ticket system some what later) and back to a working state within less than 24hours. As we already had support for this requirement, we just needed to make minor changes to tell all JDownloader 2.0 clients that default setter is now inverted, as in ReCaptchaV2 via browser solver wont work without browser extension or the android app.

In respects to 'terse' comment. End users do not need essay, they need to know what needs to be done, so precise/to the point answers benefit everyone.

now the essay

They (google) disabled function of our most fail safe support (ReCaptchaV2 via browser solver) the other day when they disabled localhost access. Now you get notified that you can't run from localhost, which has been the case for select sites in the past, as sites could enable it as a ReCaptchaV2 profile setting. We don't force users to use extensions or mobile apps when other options are available (Jiaz mentioned this before).

please understand that we have multiple support for ReCaptchaV1 and ReCaptchaV2

- browser loop
- original code (now used as fail over as it produced really bad quality image)
these can be done locally or remotely as its just a image.

- locally > browser solver > without extension (localhost) *
- locally > browser solver > with extension (localhost without login)
- locally > phantomjs > dialog in jd **
- remotely > my.jd > android
- remotely > my.jd > webui with phantomjs **
- remotely > my.jd > browser extension

* = disabled/broken due non localhost requirement
** == quality crapola, and I believe its not working well/mostly broken.

you also have CES access ReCaptchaV1 and ReCaptchaV2 depending on the provider.

as you can see there are multiple methods, of which only ONE method has failed albeit the most utilised.

Hope that helps you understand more, end of essay.

Not sure why your my.jdownloader account wasn't made, please create support ticket for it on, mrc or Jiaz will respond. You also signed up for forum account, so did receive emails from JDownloader email servers on multiple occasions. On the assumption that you signed up to both services with the same email provider.

jiaz has indicated that Simon has worked on iOS support so it might be working, just none of us tested it. Jiaz also indicated that, that component is only in the paid version.

raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

Don't fight the system, use it to your advantage. :]

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