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Example links and log file are not much of use since jdownloader is not defect. When it checks rapidshare links, it checks them in non-ssl status, which because I live behind the notorious Great Chinese Firewall, does not return any result, so it shows "temp. uncheckable". I can download them via secure connection just fine.

Now that I think of it, if I want Jdownloader to check rapidshare links using ssl, other free users are going to have difficulties. Well, I guess I'll have to either VPN my way around the GFW or I'll have to use some website to check the links before I download anything. It's gonna be painful with encrypted links like those on SJ. :( I hope the Chinese rise up and overthrow their crappy Government already.

Thank you for your attention. Please don't worry more about it. It's not jdownloader's problem.

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