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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
Right click the folder then choose second choice "Скачать".
Chrome, firefox and Opera... any of these browsers were able to finish the download... all of them always stop at 22% or less.... I really don't know what black magic / sorcery you guys do to finish the download... I can get the smallest and the biggest folder... and it even gets to 22%.... most of time stops at 10% =(.... i might be dumb =\

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@gatorade: Structure support will be available with next plugin update
Guys... you nailed completely!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Superb!!!

I knew I made the right choice waiting until you guys could sort it out this issue =)

quick question... i have downloaded a few folders already... if I ask to JD to download in the same root folder where these folders are, JD it will recognize the folders / videos and skip them?

Cheers =)

PS: this is weird.... JD now gets some zip files, but, the most important ones, not.... any idea?? =)
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