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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
- JD was downloading everything to one large folder (fixed) and the zip files were going way beyond their size limits (right?)
+ What do you mean by "(fixed)"? It was failed.
+ The size was wrong. The usage of "limit" word here will confuse us (me and you).

- Now zip files CAN be downloaded from Mail (i just downloaded one zip file and its ok... is opening and ok) but it doesn't shows the zip files from lectures folders.... only from other folders but the lecture ones....
@tony2long... jD now creates a package for each folder correctly and put all files on each folder correctly... ok... this is what meant by ""fixed""... it just doesn't download the zip files corresponding for each course folder.... for some reason, jD can't see the ZIP files inside the subfolders of Course folder.... please, follow these steps

- copy the link and let jD decrypts the link
- you will see lots and lots of folders (packages) .... right?
- now, filter for - *.zip -.... you will see only 7 zip files.... but, none of them belongs to the subfolders from Course folder.... they belongs to other folders... if you ask JD to download any of these zip files, it will be downloaded flawlessly... you will be able to open, extract the files and everything, but, the most important zip files, the ones on the subfolders of Course folder, for some reason, aren't being decrypted ((or read, i don't know)) by jD....

Hope this can help you guys to sort it out =)

+ What is the size of those zip files? You wrote before: "all of them always stop at 22%".
Sorry about that... this was my reply to the post 24, where I was replying you about how to download the folders from the website... sorry for any mistake

+ I set the limit to 10 MB, so folder of courses (smallest is 94 MB) won't be shown anymore.
I don't get this part....

If you're happy with that, why do you still insist to download the zip files while you know that large zip download always fails?
I'm happy because you guys fixed the problem of packages being decrypted correctly =)... this was a big issue ((at least, for me)).... now, there's only the issue with the zip files inside lecture folders =)

Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
zip files are just additional, if enabled in plugin setting.
Files in each folder are always grabbed, so after your update, I get many "video" packages for example.
Yes, correctly. But, the zip files for these "video" packages aren't there =(

Sorry for any confusion in words, hope now everything can be cleared after this testimonial =)

cheers guys =)
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