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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
How many times I should explain...
Folder bigger than 10 MB won't download correctly, so I make it disappear.
If you happy with folder structure, download that. Why do you still insist to download the zip? Those zips in your picture are less than 10 MB, so you could download without problem.

If you still insist to get big zip files, I'll make them appear, but any download problem of those, please don't report here. Agree? Do you still want to try? It will surely fails!
You mean by folder, is any folder? like these ones?

Is just to understand and gives you no more headaches with me... sorry if some part was just a misunderstanding....

The zips files shown on jD now are not the ones I need... The important zip files I need are the one inside the lecture folders... these ones belongs to its parent folder...

Yes, I am happy with the folder structure... ok... perfect.... i just wanted the zip files because they are the exercise files and codes needed to be used during the lectures...

The zip files you talking about are the ones from lecture folders? If yes, it might be a good idea to show them, because at least I can right click on them and copy the download link and try to download thru my browser, once I can't see them when I enter in the folder using the website....

If you go to any lecture folder and open it, you will not see any zip files inside.

sorry for any misunderstanding....

Cheers =)

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