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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
No, those are packages. I mean any folder from cloud.mail, with browser we can get the zip of it, but download always fails if the size is more than 10 MB, you said that yourself: "always stop at 22% or less" "most of time stops at 10%".
Tony.... this issue is when I try to download from the website, as you said in the post #22... is nothing related to jD... when I try to download as you said, all the times the download crashes, but is ONLY i'm using the website, not jD....

Sorry if there were some misunderstanding here...

Those should also be grabbed, just not placed in one package together with the video files.
Ok... this might help for now =)

Anyhow, I have changed back the code that make zip of folders below 4GB appear.
Superb then! thanks =)

Cheers =)
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