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Fred Martin
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I've already post something about this problem but I prefer to post a new post instead of update my original one as I think new information may not be seen.
My apologize if I'm wrong.

So, I read that for some premium FS users, the plugin worked for a few time and after not. In my side, since I use Jdownloader and FS premium (about 3 weeks) I had NOT any problem like these. Always premium account was validated and Jdownaloader had always downloaded very well, until the afternoon of the 21st of october (I used it the morning without anyproblem), premium account became "invalid", automatically unchecked in Jdownloader.

Of course, premium account is still valid and work if using with webbrower.

So here is the infos:

OS: Windows 7 Pro
Java: JRE version: 6.0_21-b06 (Portable version)
JDownloader: v0.9.580
Filserve plungin version: 12739
Security software: KIS v11.0.1.400 (JDownloader has been added as a trusted software, so program can acess without problem internet, etc..)

No sure how to do that: "Upload a log showing changing from premium to free" . I delete and added again fileserve premium account in Jdownloader, don't know if it is the way to do.

Here is a new log uploaded:

My english is not good so If I forgot anything I will update it.

Thank you in advance for finding a solution.

Fred Martin