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@ Pressfred,

This is marked solved, because nobody has provided evidence that there is a problem. If there is a real problem and you want it fixed, you have to provide a list of links that you copied (you may have to use Copy Link Location) and the values that were recorded in the Properties Panel for these links (specifically Comment and URL for each link).

Please also provide the results of Copy URL, Open in Browser, and actually downloading the link. We always ask for at least three links for each situation.

Please test whether this is restricted to SJ by using FlashGot with a different decrypter.

Posting a log that shows JD receiving and processing the links would help. If the wrong file is downloaded, include the download in the log. Please also try creating a DLC from your links.

It would also help if you could create a JD database containing just the links you think are wrong.

@ Serag4000,

Please provide the Links that you cannot convert to a DLC and a log showing JDownloader attempting to create the DLC. Please be aware that he DLC encryption has recently been cracked, so the DLC creation might not be available for any links.


SJ is a decrypter, not a host. Apparently, this confuses some of the software. Showing "hier" in the referrer field means there is no recordable referrer.

Unless you have a reason to want the referrer, the link collector in the next major version of JD will solve your problem. You can give it a try using the Nightly Test version of JDownloader.

The Nightly Test version is not meant for daily use and does not always work. It is for developers to "Beta test" new code.

Work on this issue cannot begin until after the information requested above is posted. Please PM drbits with the URL of this thread when you post the information.

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