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@ Jiaz,

The URL field is clearly wrong. Since there is a JD addon that processes the information from FlashGot, this should be corrected, regardless of who names the fields. Since the correct file is downloaded, the addon is properly identifying the URL, but the information is not placed in the correct property fields.

The Referrer is never a primary part of the information for the user. As I understand the situation, it was added at JDownloader developer request. It is secondary information to be used in .info files and to open the referrer page if the URL field contains the incorrect information. This is all for manual use, not for use with context menu commands.

Fixing the other UI bugs in the Properties Panel (Copy does not always work, Cut appears for non-editable information, Comment is not always appended) would make these advanced features a lot easier to use.

In addition, the LinkGrabber option "Show info. panel" should be "Show Properties Panel" (this hides the info. panel). All of these UI problems are already in bugreports.


The "hier" in the SJ results is the text description of the Link, and therefore is appropriate for the Comments field of the Link. If it is appearing in the wrong properties field, then it is part of the problems getting the FlashGot information into the correct field.

If there is an Alt, Bubble, or tool-tip text available, that should also probably be placed in the Comment field (all appended). That assumes future extension of the FlashGot and the JDownloader Plugin to supply the information..

As I noted earlier, except for the information that belongs in the Comment field, version 13350 (Nightly) eliminates most need for FlashGot in the next major release.

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