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Mirror detection breaks when the file name "changes" between detection, download, and completion.

Rapidgator is one that changes almost every time- it detects with spaces turned into underscores but those change to spaces when the file actually downloads. Keep2share and fileboom, they detect the full filename on link add, but on link start it truncates if the file name is fairly long. If the download doesn't start, it changes the link's file name to the truncated one, breaking mirror detection, then changes it back to the full name only when the download actually starts.

I complained about this a year ago, and was told to work around it by renaming every single mirrored link manually. Which I do, because it ticks me off when it tries to dl the same file in the same package twice.

Apparently dynamic filenames is a feature. Which I can understand when the filename isn't properly detected (like in some gallery links). But it would be nice to turn that feature off for archives, since there's no way to manually force mirroring on dissimilarly named files other than to rename them.
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