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@user748912 if filename/size would be identical and safe, then those files would already be treated as mirrors.

You can change detection in Settings-Advanced Settings-searc for mirror
for example set GeneralSettings.mirrordetectiondecision to FILENAME if you only want to incorporate filename into mirror decision or enable GeneralSettings.forcemirrordetectionfilesizecheck to enforce filesize validation for modes that make use of filesize as well.

Filename/sizes must be *safe* for use in mirror decision, as for example the host may truncate the filename on website and only provide full name on actual download. For example
The Example Movie...rar
The Example Movie...rar
on download it becomes
The Example Movie.part01.rar
The Example Movie.part02.rar

Also there are services that may name two different images the same
image.png and image.png and only have different filesize which also might only be available on actual download.
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