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Originally Posted by plip View Post
I'm also wondering, what is the particular reason for this multi-part download change? I don't know what the advantage is supposed to be.
From what I can see, it seems to make things more complicated, and add a gap of time where nothing is downloading until the merge finishes (if you have max downloads at a time at 1 because of slow net). And when the merging is going on it's very intensive.
In case we're talking about the *multiple* playlist support, that one exists since LONG time and not every twitch stream has them. As explained above, it may happen if the streamer changes settings /restart streams/ reconnects....

Originally Posted by plip View Post
Could there, please, be a setting added to the twitch plugin to let you choose not to do multi-part downloading? I would strongly like to avoid that high-intensity merging, and it would simplify salvaging a download when a net hiccup happens too.
I'm sorry but without that support, you cannot download those streams.
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