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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Some streams are split into *multiple* playlists (eg streamer restarts the stream, changes settings...) and in this case JDownloader
downloads each playlist on its own (still HLS) and in the end merges all playlists back into one large file.
Maybe you're talking about this? Please provide example links, then I can tell if the stream has one or more playlists.
Oh! I'll bet that is what was happening. I was seeing some weird things like a part1 more than a GB, then a part2 a few MB, then the next part more than a GB again. After seeing what you said there, that was probably the streamer messing with something mid-stream.

I haven't been seeing the multi-part-download and merging thing again since I posted. And there are two streamers I watch who were having streaming issues for some days lately, so it very well could have been from them trying to figure things out mid-stream. I just had no idea that can cause a single stream download to have multiple parts which then get merged. That's something I had never seen before.

And then suddenly seeing it happen a number of times, I mistakenly got the idea something about twitch downloading in JD2 had been changed so every twitch download would be multi-part and merging at the end. Very glad to realize that was completely wrong

Here's a link I'm 99% sure was one of the ones I saw do the merging at the end, if you still want a link to check:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

That vod will probably get auto-deleted in a little over a week, btw, so you don't try to check it after it's gone.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do you know if the network was just unreliable (short offline time) or longer offline time?
My ISP was having net outages in my area (not problems specifically at my place) several times within a little over a week, and then for several days the net was stalling occasionally (for much shorter periods of time - maybe roughly five to ten minutes on average I'd say).

I didn't think to make logs from any of the downloads affected by that, because I thought (due to unreliable internet causing the downloads to behave strange) that it wasn't really a JD2 issue.

But now I realize that I should have made logs for those. It might be a while before anything like that happens (hopefully, cause it would mean my net's having issues again). But I'll post logs here if I see net issues cause download completion to act strange again.
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