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720p 30fps (not source).

It fails before long before download completion. It never gets to a merge.

I've noticed that when it fails there's a part0 and a part1, if that helps. It might be failing shortly after (right after?) the first "part0" completes and it switches to the second "part1".

Edit: I'll mention this in case the information helps.

With a different downloader I did get it to "complete". That downloader doesn't use ffmpeg for downloading, I'm pretty sure. It gets a load of .ts files. Then it merges the .ts files to one. Then it converts to mp4 (using ffmpeg I believe). Interestingly, the converted mp4 on that downloader resulted in a video which is twice as long as the vod length, and audio get horribly out of synch quickly. It's essentially unplayable.

But because I know this is a problematic vod, I did copy the merged .ts video from that downloader before the conversion to mp4 completed (when conversion completes the merged .ts automatically gets deleted).

That merged .ts file plays perfectly. No issues.

My best guess is maybe the issue is related to ffmpeg somehow? Because the other downloader doesn't do anything wrong until it uses ffmpeg for the conversion.

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