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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
This is intended behaviour because you manually want to extract an archive outside of JDownloader.
Because of that some information are not available like Links, Package, Packagename...
Also I expect the ectraction to happens similiar to other tools like "extract here" action.
Yes but there is reason use JDownloader for extrarct: It is comfort.
There is more cases you must think.
1. File outside JDownloader: No package name available etc. But still rules very comfortable like put file into folder and conditional etc. Why not use filename as packagename if file is outside JDownloader.

2. Many times JDownloader cannot download. (Hint Cloudlflare). Then I must manual download. But all information are inside Jdownloader from trying with JDownloader first. Then it good to link outside file to inside information to go on in JDownloader. Then extract is possible with all informations.
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