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Default Downloads - How to return to default sort order?

Please help. I was on the Downloads tab and accidentally clicked Name. The download list got sorted by name, which I didn't want at all.

How do I get back to whatever the default setting is for the order on the Downloads tab?

Things used to be shown on the download list in the order they were going to download. Whatever was top-most on the list that wasn't downloaded yet would be downloaded first, then what was right below it would download next, and so on. That's what I want back. But I can't figure out how.

Also for some reason I cannot drag things around on the download list anymore. So I can't change what's going to download next.

I've tried sorting by Date Added to fix this. That's mostly right when Date Added has an black triangle pointing up. But, it doesn't let me manually sort the download list by dragging things around. I get a black circle with a diagonal line through it when I try to drag something.

If I click Date Added until there's no black triangle, and the Date Added column is no longer yellow, then the sorting by date is completely gone and everything's all in a wrong, seemingly random order. How do get back to sorting by the default "what will download first is highest in the list" order? Please tell me there's a way to do this.

I just want to have things sorted like they originally were, before I accidentally clicked Name. And to once again be able to drag folders/files around to change the download order.

Also, is there a way to make so that the downloads list (and linkgrabber list) does not get sorted when accidentally clicking the name of a column? I never want this to accidentally happen again.

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