Thread: [User feedback required] K2S.CC free, Downspeed with multi-thread Downloads
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Sind hier zwar im Englischen Forum aber okay.

I have an Premium Pro Account in use, so Multi-Chunk File loading should work(since concurrent Downloads work too).
JDownloader is running from an exposed Host, so there is no Firewall interrupting.
The Downloads are saved to two Locations, an M.2 SSD and an HDD(without SMR). The Problem occurs with all Downloads, and ime sure Drive- and Network-Speed are sufficient. I also have enough Data Quota on K2S.

It seems that K2S is blocking Multi-Threaded Downloads even with premium Accounts. I believe so because when running Multi-Threaded Downloads, you can see in the Network Graph that Chunks are loaded one after another, since the other Threads cant start. Also sometimes Downloads freeze and take a while till the next Segment is loaded while their Status is still "running".
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