Thread: [User feedback required] K2S.CC free, Downspeed with multi-thread Downloads
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Your HDD has extremly poor writing rates, see Random 4KB! Downloading on that hdd with multiple downloads/chunks will very fast cause IO blocking because you download much faster than the OS can write data to the disk. In such situation the IO pressure is very high.

The screenshot shows what happens when
1.) you can download much faster than your OS can write data to disk. IO Overload -> network still downloading into buffers.
2.) Firewall/AV can also cause this because they might scan the whole connection/download until it is scanned and then forwarded to application.
3.) server is blocking multiple connections from same IP for same file. Can be on purpose (eg blocking VPN/datacenter IP) or configuration issue.

So the hetzner/appwork file works fine with multiple connections or does it suffer the same?

In your case I think it is k2s blocking multiple connections because of your IP or the ISP you are using is messing with the connections
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