Thread: [User feedback required] K2S.CC free, Downspeed with multi-thread Downloads
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Thx for that info, from now on i will offload the HDD with an Raid 0 RapidStore SSD, so it should have a good write Buffer.
I use Sophos Business Version as AV, Network is listend to, but real Scans are made on File read access.
I think the 3th Point is propably the Reason behind this, as i said its not related to the HDD since i am also using an SSD which is having the same Problem.

The Hetzner/Appwork Files worked fine.
Originally Posted by Playa View Post
Hetzner: Delta 65mb/s, 20 Threads running, Time 2-3Min
Appwork: Delta 30mb/s, 20 Threads running, Time <30Secs
I often had ISP Problems in the past, but right now, my Connection should be unfiltered in my Experience (for example with MLDonkey running with 100+ Peers). My IP is static and unshared, so its unique, that shouldent be the Problem.

We should test out on other Systems if K2S is really limiting Connections per File/IP so that can be integrated into the K2S Plugin.
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