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Default Set default "Sort Packages by Name" in the "Downloads" category

In the “LinkGrabber” category, files within a package are automatically sorted by default in alphabetical order once they are added/included into a single package, however, this is not the case when merging files into one package in the “Downloads” category so I have to manually right-click on the package and then click “Sort Package(s) by Name” twice; so now all new files added to that package will automatically be sorted in alphabetical order.

My question is, how can I set all future packages in the “Downloads” category to automatically always sort files within any package by name without having to manually click on the “Sort by” twice?
This is already the case in the “LinkGrabber” category so I assume that it may also be possible in the “Downloads” category as well.
Perhaps with a packagizer rule or event script?
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