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Default Regex string separation help. (or splitting strings in to pieces)

Hi friends,

Suppose this is my packagename string.

I use (.*)-(.*) as regex rule to split this string.
<jd:orgpackagename:1> = text1
<jd:orgpackagename:2> = text2

That's good.

But if my packagename has two of "-" character like

then result is:
<jd:orgpackagename:1> = text1-text2
<jd:orgpackagename:2> = text3

if my expectation is using first "-" character as separation point, how regex rule should I use?
In other words, for second case my expectation is this:
<jd:orgpackagename:1> = text1
<jd:orgpackagename:2> = text2-text3

A sample link to test:
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

With current rule, for the test link I get this:
<jd:orgpackagename:1> = Moero Knight-Monkey
<jd:orgpackagename:2> = Happy New Year

But my expectation is this:
<jd:orgpackagename:1> = Moero Knight
<jd:orgpackagename:2> = Monkey-Happy New Year

How should I modify my regex rule?
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